Eric Scott, Mayor

My philosophy for government is People First. Our great Nation was founded for the People and by the People.

As Mayor, I will do everything in my power to make sure the People’s tax money is wisely spent. I am dedicated to uplifting the People’s standard of living. The City of Brookshire is favoured with a rich diversity of culture. The spirit of the People is like none other. We are a community of believers and achievers.

Brookshire is open for business. As a small rural community sitting next to the fourth largest city in the United States, we are poised for advancement. The City employees are prepared to facilitate growth and we are focused on smart and strategic development. Beside enjoying a comparably low tax rate, residents and businesses in Brookshire enjoy a country environment knowing that a nearby massive population is also a tool for their benefit.

Locally, residents know my door is open and that I consistently strive to serve the People. The City welcomes you out for a Sunday drive in the country or picnic in one of our many parks. Our restaurants our filled with flavor and our hospitality welcoming with generosity. As a whole, we are home to entities that enrich and bless. Come visit us in Brookshire where you will feel right at home.

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