Getting to Know Brookshire


The City of Brookshire was incorporated in 1946. Before that time it had all of the characteristics of a very small town and farming community. Brookshire has a long history of farming and ranching. Flat land, productive soil and good rainfall make the area ideal for crops which need a lot of water. Plentiful grass and open land are ideal for the cattle industry. Agriculture was the major reason in the beginning for the existence of Brookshire. Agriculture storage silos still operate here, but not at their peak as they did in the years of the past.

Interstate 10 has changed the industry in Brookshire. Industries that need to be located on major transportation arteries (like the freeway or railway) have made Brookshire home.

With the westward sprawl of Houston and the tremendous growth of our neighboring towns, Katy and Fulshear, our city is set for much more growth. We are encouraging economic growth in a coordinated, enthusiastic and cooperative approach through civic and business leaders.

Much of this information is from the Planning/Capacity/Building Project for the City of Brookshire, prepared in 2004 by Public Management, Inc. in Brookshire, Texas.


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